More God’s Masterpiece Cast & Costumes

The full cast of God's Masterpiece as they celebrate this powerful Easter Pageant drama script production.



Jesus fed the people with a boy's bread and fish to show us that God cares for all of our needs.

The Boy With The Fish And The Loaves 

A child of four or five who offers his lunch to Jesus at the “Miracle of the Feeding of the Five Thousand.”

Costume: A simple child’s tunic. No head covering.


Jesus compassionately protects and forgives the woman caught in adultery.

The Adulteress 

A tender woman, who is terrified by the crowd who wants to stone her, and overwhelmed at the compassion of Jesus. 

Costume: A sleeveless tunic, bare-footed, disheveled hair.


Jesus heals the demoniac to demonstrate His power over everything that happens in life!

The Demoniac

The wild-looking young man, driven mad by evil spirits and healed by Jesus. 

Costume: Ragged trousers, no shirt, dragging chains from his feet, body stained with blood and dirt, disheveled hair.


Three Roman guards gamble for Jesus' garment in this dramatic depiction of Jesus sacrificial death for us all.

The Centurion And Roman Soldiers

The Centurion: A proud, overbearing captain of the guard. 

Costume: More ornate than the regular soldiers, wears a red cape fixed onto his armor with ornate clasps. He wears a more elaborate headdress. 

The Soldiers: At least twelve strong, commanding men 

Costume: Make short tunics of silver leather-like material to represent armor. Create or buy helmets of like fabric. Lace sandals high up the calf. Arm them with swords and spears. 


The Pieta - Mary with the body of Jesus on her lap.

Mary, The Mother of Jesus

She sings a vocal solo if you decide to perform “How Could This Happen to You?” live rather than use the pre-recorded track. Mary must be a tall woman to recreate the “La Pieta” painting and strong enough to hold Jesus on her lap. 

Costume: The cream-colored, multi-layered robe and headdress of Mary in Michelangelo’s “La Pieta.” (Study a photograph of the actual sculpture, then do your best to copy it.) 


The Roman soldier piercing the side of Jesus on the cross as Jesus dies to forgive our sins.

The Thieves on the Cross

Two men, with good upper-body strength, who hang on the cross for ten minutes, supported by bicycle seats on the cross. 

Costume: Swim trunks covered with cloth. 


An angel tells Mary that Jesus has resurrected.

The Angels

Two large, powerful men who appear to Mary Magdalene at the tomb. One is in the tomb and the other is outside the tomb. 

Costume: Long, white robes, shining white wigs, a semblance of wings if desired. 


Pilate gave into public pressure and permitted Jesus to be sacrificed for our sins.

Pilate And His Court

Pilate: A foreboding man, extremely powerful and formal.

Costume: Flowing, regal robes with a crimson sash, showing his high office. 

Pilate’s Court: Men and women surrounding Pilate. 

Costume: They are dressed in roman attire of the fist century, flowing tunics, shoulder sashes, no head coverings, jeweled clips. 


Dancers on the stage as part of the Easter pageant play drama script God's Masterpiece.

The Dancers

Any number of young men and women can become part of the dancers who carry palm fronds and celebrate Jesus during the “Triumphal Entry.” 

Costume: Loose-fitting, flowing peasant-type clothing that falls to the middle of the calf. Scarves as head-coverings; they carry flowers and palm fronds. Underneath the over-skirt, they wear white satin underskirts with shear nylon over that. These dancers shed the colored outer skirt, and wear the satin/nylon skirts when they become “angelic mourners.” 


Women, dressed in flowing white outfits, dancing as Angels who minister to Jesus at His death for us all.

Angelic Mourners

The same people who were dancers take on the appearance of “angelic mourners.” They place themselves throughout the stage and in among the audience as Jesus is carried to the tomb during the funeral procession. 

Costume: White satin skirts with shear nylon over them. White, loose-fitting tops with long, white nylon sashes that create the illusion of wings.