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The front of the program for "God's Masterpiece."


We give you what you need!

Whether you plan to use your production of God’s Masterpiece as a Christian evangelistic outreach to the community, or as a ministry to the families of your church only, publicity is a critical factor. We provide you with many helpful tools. 

On this page, we introduce the publicity components of the Production CD that you receive when you pay for the Performance Package, and obtain a Performance License for God’s Masterpiece

Your Production CD Includes

Jesus confronts and challenges Peter.

Professional Photographs

All of the images you see on this website, and many more, are available on the Production CD for your use. These pictures were captured by the amazing photographers, Dan Moseley and Melanie McNiff. Dan went to be with Jesus soon after our first production season. We marvel at the story of God told so beautifully in these images, and we know that now, Dan’s image of Him is the truest of all. 

The only requirement for the free use of these images is that you print a recognition of Dan Moseley and Melanie McNiff on your publications. This is to honor Dan’s memory, and to satisfy copyright laws. 


The "God's Masterpiece" logo.

God’s Masterpiece Logos And Quotes

We provide you with several versions of God’s Masterpiece logos to use in your publicity pieces. Your Production CD also includes specifically-chosen quotes from the actual script to use in any way you choose as you promote the production.


The front of the program for "God's Masterpiece."

Program Contents

We help you produce your performance program by providing the text and pictures needed to produce your own performance program. This valuable publicity information is part of your Production CD. We’ve included all the roles, you simply fill in the names of your people, select the images, lay it out, and print! The program contents include: 

• A listing of all the character parts 
• Songs titles and appropriate credits 
• Titles of the recreated classic art tableaus 
• Acts and scene titles 
• Crew divisions 
• Inspirational text 
• Suggested use of promotional photos 

Click here to view the Program Contents page. 


Jesus walking rapidly down the ramp with others who celebrate His coming!

Press Release

This is the same press release that is included in the Production CD to assist you in advertising God’s Masterpiece in your community publications. The file on the CD can be adjusted to include your production’s specific information.



The "God's Masterpiece" logo.Jesus walking rapidly down the ramp with others who celebrate His coming!

“Here He Comes,
Christ the King!
Here He comes,
Let your praises ring!
Here He Come,
Here Comes Jesus, now.”

(From the title song: “Here He Comes” By Keith Ward)

Fall in love with Jesus all over again as you are surrounded on all sides with this artistic, emotional retelling of the Life of Christ, from His humble birth to His triumphant ascension. 

God’s Masterpiece is a 90-minute“flashback” of the events leading up to the crucifixion, narrated by the three women who visited the tomb on that first Easter morning. It combines stirring arrangements of traditional hymns with original music by composer, Keith Ward, that capture the intense emotional journey made by the disciples and the awe-struck men and women who witnessed His teaching, His miracles, His suffering, and His triumphant resurrection. 

This captivating script by Cora Alley, moves naturally through the staging of five artistic masterpieces, as actors hold their pose for a moment, then move on with the story. Marvel at the “living” recreation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Last Supper,” Michaelangelo’s “The Pieta,” and more. God’s Masterpiece captures the volatile political tension between the Jewish religious leaders and Jesus, brought on by the frenzied enthusiasm surrounding the Messiah. It puts the famous “I AMs” of Jesus in context as seven disciples become participants in their own narrated “flashbacks,” where Jesus made such revolutionary statements as “ I AM the resurrection and the life.” Relive the events that altered our world forever; celebrate Jesus, God’s Masterpiece at:

(Show times & location)