God’s Masterpiece Production Calendars

Two women in Bible costumes acting like they are mending fishing nets.


Whether you’re a “seasoned” drama director, or are facing the new challenge of your first production, you can always use more help in organizing the details. We’ve created three valuable tools to help you stay focused, and “on track” as you march toward opening night. These calendars and checklists have been created from actual productions of God’s Masterpiece, and are filled with the wisdom of many years’ experience in directing drama productions.  

These calendars are also included on the “Performance Package” page.  You can also download them below: 


Click on the links to enjoy each of the calendars and checklists. 


A production calendar.

Development Calendar

This is a producer’s countdown of the tasks to be completed prior to the production of God’s Masterpiece. With this calendar, you will easily see “the big picture” of what must be done.

Download the “Production Checklist” which lists the development tasks in an easy “to do list” format.

A Clipboard with production information on it.

Rehearsal Calendar

This is a three-month rehearsal calendar, suggesting rehearsals by acting categories. With this schedule, people are called for rehearsals by segments of the production.