God’s Masterpiece Performance Package

The Last Supper with Jesus as part of this stirring Easter Pageant play drama script production.


Words cannot express the debt of gratitude we owe to God for the privilege of telling His story through the musical drama, God’s Masterpiece. This production was knit together by the Holy Spirit, and our hands were privileged to record it and present it to you, the Church, to spread the story of Jesus as far as your arms will reach. 

To say that we wrote this in our own power is as silly as a child boasting of his own benevolence when he borrows money from his father to buy his father a present! On behalf of the hundreds of men, women, and children, who have given their finest talent to developing this Performance Package over many years, we are delighted to equip you to tell this life-changing story. 

The Performance Package Contents

A wide shot of the auditorium showing how effective God's Masterpiece is in telling the story of Jesus.


God’s Masterpiece truly is a “pageant-in-a-can.” We give you everything you need to succeed in producing this stunning musical drama as you celebrate the Gospel in your community year after year. 



An open notebook with the drama script of God's Masterpiece showing.

The Performance Package Contains:

1. The Script 

The script comes complete with director notes, music cues for the soundtrack, suggested staging, and lighting specifications. 

Download the God’s Masterpiece script.



An image of the soundtrack of God's Masterpiece displayed on a computer screen.


2. Four Performance Soundtrack Playlist Options (all downloadable)

All soundtrack playlists are available on Keith Ward’s music site.  When you click the links below, you will be taken to the download site. Once there, you will be able to download the entire playlist (by clicking the green “Download” button at the top of that website’s screen.) You can also listen to every track and download individual tracks by clicking on the “Download MP3” link to the right of the track.

To help you understand which tracks are on each of the playlists, download the “God’s Masterpiece Soundtrack Index” and the “Soundtrack Production Notes” below.

Download the God’s Masterpiece Soundtrack Playlist Index.

Download the Soundtrack Production Notes.


Soundtrack Playlist 1 – Use this soundtrack if your cast includes actors only; you have no soloists or choir.  

  Paste this link into your browser address field:    keith-ward-music.disco.ac/share-new/11699692/user/334537?signature=KSnEUKjGdoHvceDdOLOHf_IelUE%3A2jacXuh0

Soundtrack Playlist 2 – Use this soundtrack if your cast includes actors and 4 soloists; but no choir.

  Paste this link into your browser address field:  keith-ward-music.disco.ac/share-new/11699691/user/334537?signature=THlXsrtxCt0ufwbsckwZvoqMXhI%3ARK2dpQ8O

Soundtrack Playlist 3 – Use this soundtrack if your cast includes actors, 4 soloists and a choir.  

   Paste this link into your browser address field:  keith-ward-music.disco.ac/share-new/11699685/user/334537?signature=ZS1bZ9gHRrTArrGkPqJ2jV5w3zc%3ACvbEAcHr

Supplemental Soundtrack Playlist – Soundtrack options that aren’t included in the other playlists. (See the “Soundtrack Index” for specific track information.) 

   Paste this link into your browser address field:  keith-ward-music.disco.ac/share-new/11699664/user/334537?signature=uUOn_mfgawJalqEcBynrtRnf6xU%3AY75elWZj


You can also download the entire God’s Masterpiece Soundtrack Library.

  Paste this link into your browser address field:  keith-ward-music.disco.ac/share-new/11699682/user/334537?signature=vXP85eMiTdz7IQqxPk3WxOwr1AM%3Axy91KhRF


(See the God’s Masterpiece Music page for details, and samples of the God’s Masterpiece music.)

The stirring music of God's Masterpiece adds an emotional foundation for this Easter Pageant play drama production.



3. Sheet Music for the entire choir, and vocal soloists.

Download the God’s Masterpiece sheet music.





4. Full Performance Movie

Click on the Youtube image to the left to see an entire performance of God’s Masterpiece in a large auditorium setting. (This is the setting at which the photographs that you see on this website were taken.) 


The logo for God's Masterpiece Easter Pageant drama play script.


5. The Production Tool Set

This “Production Tool Set” is packed full of valuable production tools. It is designed to give you everything you need to produce God’s Masterpiece.  You can download each individual part of the “Production Tool Set,” or you can download the entire “Production Tool Set” below. 

Download the entire Production Tool Set


Cast List and Costume Descriptions 
The “Cast And Costume Descriptions” file is all that is included on the  Cast And Costumes page. Costume descriptions are provided for each category of cast members. The “Cast List Record” is provided so you can fill in the names of the people in your cast BEFORE you copy the script.   

Download the “Cast And Costume Descriptions”

Download the “Cast List Record”

Professional Photographs 
Use these stirring images captured by Dan Mosely. God brought Dan to us for a short season, and then took him to Heaven, where we’re sure Dan is enjoying God in all His Glory! For a sampling of these photographs, see the “Pictorial Tour,”.“Masterpiece Art,” and “The Prologue” pages. Use these photographs to enhance your programs, tickets, posters, social media posts, and news releases. 

Download the Professional Photographs

Logos And Quotes 
We’ve included a copy of the God’s Masterpiece logo for publicity. We’ve also included specific quoted lines from script for you to use in your publicity or on your tickets. 

Download the Logos And Quotes

Press Release 
This sample “Press Release” serves as a guide to assist you in advertising God’s Masterpiece in your community publications and social media. What you get when you download is all that you see on the  Press Release page.

Download the Press Release

The Printed Program Contents 
We’ve given you information to use as you create your performance program. You can add your own cast and crew names and use the photographs provided to produce a personalized, artistic program. What you get when you download is all that you see on the  Printed Program Contents page.

Download the Printed Program Contents

Production Team Flowchart and Job Descriptions 
This is a description of all of the production team positions. What you get when you download is all that you see on the Production Team page.

Download the Production Team Flowchart and Job Descriptions

Masterpiece Art 
A detailed description to help you stage each one of the six classic, religious art pieces that are woven throughout the production. What you get when you download is all that you see on the Masterpiece Art page.

Download the Masterpiece Art

Budget Template 
The categories for the budget are listed so you can fill in your own numbers as well as add or delete categories. What you get when you download is all that you see on the Budget page.

Download the Budget Template

Development Calendar 
A 7-month development countdown with development tasks listed by weeks prior to your production date. What you get when you download is all that you see on the Development Calendar page.

Download the Development Calendar

Rehearsal Calendar 
A 3-month rehearsal calendar, suggesting rehearsals by acting categories. With this schedule, people are called for rehearsals by segments of the production. What you get when you download is all that you see on the Rehearsal Calendar page.

Download the Rehearsal Calendar

Props List 
This list of all the props needed to produce God’s Masterpiece comes on a template to which you can add or delete items to suit your production.What you get when you download is all that you see on the Props page.

Download the Props List

Set Design 
This ideal set design comes electronically, so your artists can manipulate the set to fit the requirements of your performance site. What you get when you download is all that you see on the Set Options page.

Download the Set Design Options