God’s Masterpiece Frequently Asked Questions

Women and children were amazed at the teaching and miracles of Jesus.


Here are some of the common questions we are asked about producing God’s Masterpiece

If you don’t find your question here, send your question to us via email. We will respond to your question, and possibly add it to this list.


1. Can we copy the script and music files?

Yes, you may copy the script and music files! It is our desire to empower as many people as possible to tell His story!

2. Can we do it year after year?

Yes, we hope the Lord uses this production in your community for many years!

3. Can we give it away to others?

Yes! God’s Masterpiece is the Lord’s work.  Share it with all who are interested and able to produce it.

4. Can we perform God’s Masterpiece for free?

You may perform God’s Masterpiece as a free performance!  Since you didn’t pay anything for it, you can decide what to charge, if anything.

5. Do we have to return the script and music files or can we keep them?

You can keep them!  We hope you produce this amazing production for many years to come!  May God use you and your team to lead many people to Himself!

6. Do we own the script and music?

God’s Masterpiece and the music are copyrighted and officially owned by Cora Alley and Keith Ward. You have the freedom to use, produce and make copies of the material, but you do not own it. 

7. Do you have to be a big church to do this?

No. Any size church can do this. You determine how elaborate you want to go in creating the sets and costumes. (See the “Set Options” page.)

8. Do we have to produce our own music?

No. The music of God’s Masterpiece is grouped into four different “Performance Soundtrack Playlist” suggestions. Depending on your own music talent “pool,” you can decide what you need to download.  You shouldn’t need to produce anything on your own. Sheet music is also provided. (See the “Performance Package,” and “Masterpiece Music” pages.)

9. Do we need soloists to do this?

No. If you don’t have soloists, we “provide” them for you. All the solos are contained on “Performance Soundtrack Playlist 1.” (See the “Performance Package.” and “Masterpiece Music” pages.)

10. Can we use our own choir?

Yes. We provide the sheet music for your choir to use for all the songs. (See the“Masterpiece Music” page.)

11. Do we need the big, fancy set?

No! You can do this with very simple sets. Use platforms adorned with an occasional column or an array of silk trees and plants. The set does not make the story. (See the “Set Options” page.)

12. Do we have to stage all those artistic masterpieces to do this show?

No. The only artistic masterpiece that must be staged is the “Last Supper.” It is the central pose from which seven of the disciples rise to tell their stories. You can build the rest of the artistic masterpieces as you perform God’s Masterpiece year after year.

13. Where do we get all those costumes?

The costumes you see in the photographs on this website were all handmade by Doris Center and her team of faithful ladies who spent thousands of hours sewing for three months. You can rent similar costumes, or set your seamstresses to work on them. Libraries have wonderful biblical costume books that can serve as templates for the basic costume designs. (See the “Cast & Costumes” pages.)

14. How do I share the vision for this with my Senior Pastor?

This website is designed to be a “living brochure” of photographs and sound track samples to give your church leadership an inside look at God’s Masterpiece. Browse through the many pages and visit this story in depth. (See the “Pictorial Tour” and “The Prologue” pages.)

If you don’t find your question here, contact us via email or phone.  Our contact information is listed on the Contact Us page. We would love to talk with you further!