Producing God’s Masterpiece

People want to enjoy a dramatic presentation of God's Masterpiece an Easter Pageant play.


Producing God’s Masterpiece is a thrilling adventure in celebrating the diversity of the talents of your church body! People will come from everywhere, roll up their sleeves, and pull together to tell the story of Jesus in your community. This is an exhilarating task that can only be done as a team.

Here are four helpful guidelines as you start planning to tell His story using this artful, emotional, Christian Easter passion play.

General Production Guidelines 

Bathe this project in prayer. 

God will see you through this “wilderness” of production to a land of “milk and honey” on opening night, but do not attempt this without the wealth of power available through His Holy Spirit.

Prayerfully select your production team. 

Invite your “Executive Team,” (directors and producers) and every one of your “Crew Chiefs” to a nice dinner and share your vision, using photos and text from this web site. You need lots of capable hands to make this vision a reality. Make them feel special. (See “Production Team,” below)

Treat this effort like a business. 

Track all expenses; document all policies. Misunderstandings often come up due to poor communication, so talk everything through. Use email to document all decisions and distribute deadline calendars and rehearsal schedules. (See “Calendars,” below.)

Treat technicians with respect. 

Always, always, always, give your technicians special treatment. Set out food for them, compliment them, list them in Bold in your program. They operate in the dark, in a thankless world, so treat them right, and they will treat you right!

Detailed information covering the “how to’s” of producing God’s Masterpiece are contained on this web site. Please click on the links below, to study the information in the following categories. 

All of this information, and more, is included on the Performance Package page

Sideview of a man in Bible costume thinking seriously.


Managing the finances God’s Masterpiece can be a daunting task. On this page is a listing of the budget categories and a few budget considerations concerning the financing of this massive adventure in storytelling.

A production calendar.


Discover three valuable tools on this page: A development “countdown” calendar that walks you though the development steps, a rehearsal calendar, and a production checklist that lists the production steps in a “to do list” format.

Backstage hair styling.

Production Team

This page contains a description of each of the jobs on the Production Team, as well as a “flowchart” showing the various levels and authority structure on the team.

A dramatic image of the three crosses with lightning bolts.

Technical Considerations

“Lights, camera, action,” is the traditional cry of the theater; however, getting all that technical support together can be tricky. This page lists the technical equipment and special effects needed to create God’s Masterpiece.

Two Roman soldiers guard the sealed tomb.


This page contains a complete props list that will assist your props crew in collecting all the swords, baskets, and fish nets needed to create the “you are there” feeling as you visit these memorable scenes from the life of Jesus.

A wide shot of the middle stage ramp with dancers on it.

Set Options

Each of the 14 “invasive theater” performance areas in God’s Masterpiece is described on this page, and set options are given for both the simple and elaborate auditoriums.

Cora Alley leaning on stage ramp.

Director’s Notes

This page is filled with valuable, time-proven guidelines for preparing the production. Emphasis is placed on rehearsing, and caring for, the sub-groups that exist in the God’s Masterpiece cast and crew.

The front of the program for God's Masterpiece, a free Christian drama script for Easter.

Publicity Tools

This page provides you with helpful insights as you publicize God’s Masterpiece in your community. You’ll learn how to gain access to professional photographs, logos, quotes from the play, performance program contents, and a press release. 

Click here to view and share a “Performance Video” that shows a full performance.