God’s Masterpiece Budget

Men actors, in Bible Costumes, on stage, celebrating with hands raised.


Managing the finances God’s Masterpiece can be a daunting task. It is God whose story you are telling, and it is God who will provide the finances to do so. While you can trust God for the finances, He still requires you to be a good steward of His resources. Here are a few budget considerations concerning the financing of this massive adventure in story telling: (You can download a “Budget Template” here.)

General Budget Considerations

  • Make this a church-wide, all-staff effort.

    It is NOT just the domain of the worship or drama departments. This production is so large that it involves everyone on staff and everyone in the church. It dominates the church facility; it requires the efforts of everyone on staff, and it mobilizes the entire church body. Essentially, your church is going to mount an all-out missionary effort to tell the story of Jesus Christ in your community. 

  • Do not pay the actors. 

    Use volunteer talent from your own church, if possible. You may join together with other churches in the community to cast this production; but try not to mix professional talent with volunteer talent, unless you can manage the tension this may cause. 

  • Hire a “Production Coordinator.” 

    This person is the administrator of the production, and it is a “temporary” full-time job for the duration of the season. It is too much to expect this to be done volunteer. 

  • Enlist volunteer construction people to build the set. 

    You’ll be surprised at how many talented builders you have. Let the set construction be supervised by one of your contractors.

  • Enlist the people in your church to fill the production crews. 

    An army of volunteers make this production happen, from costume people to lighting technicians; from ushers to ticket sales personnel. See the Production Team page. 

  • Decide how to fund the production: through the church or ticket sales? 

    This will be determined by your available budget, or your church’s vision for the production.

Suggested Budget Categories

NOTE: It is impossible to provide you with actual figures, because true costs will be determined by the size of your production, the amount of volunteer labor provided, and the amount of donated supplies. To assist you, we have provided general categories only. 


Ticket Sales or Budget?
Donations from church or community members? 


Optional Salaries / Honorariums / Gifts: 

Production Coordinator 
Musical Director 
Technical Director 
Cast Appreciation Gifts



Production Costs:

Set Design 
Set Construction 
Set Decoration 
Set Storage 
Technical Equipment (purchase or rental) 
Hospitality For Cast and Crew (food, beverages, etc.) 
House Management (signs, etc.) 
Production T-shirts For Cast and Ushers 
Theme Decorations 
News Releases 
Childcare During Performances