God’s Masterpiece Rehearsal Calendar

A woman, dressed in Bible costume, resting during a rehearsal.


This is a three-month (12 week) “countdown” rehearsal schedule leading up to opening night. It suggests rehearsals by acting categories. With this schedule, people are called for rehearsals by segments of the production. Director’s Notes are also available to help you run the rehearsals smoothly and relate to the actors in a professional and efficient manner, thus making this task a joy and not a burden. 

NOTE: Because the script is all-inclusive and long, we recommend that you copy “excerpt copies” for particular cast members and groups so they don’t have to be burdened by carrying the entire script. The groups are: narrators, disciples, principle cast members, dancers, “Crowds,” “Pharisees,” “Soldiers,” singers, and musicians. Singers, musicians, and dancers will rehearse separately, under their own directors.  They will be called to attend specific rehearsals (see calendar below) only.

Download the Rehearsal Calendar

Three Month Rehearsal Calendar

NOTE: Some scenes are rehearsed out of order, for the sake of organizing specific group rehearsals. The scenes will be put together during the final rehearsals.

IMPORTANT: Send all children, under 12 years old, home by 8:00pm. They are fragile, and they have school the next day. If you care about kids, the whole cast senses it, and they become more sensitive to them as well. If there are rehearsals that involve children (“Crowds,” and “Cast”), rehearse their parts early in the rehearsal, in order to send them home by 8:00pm.


  • Cast” = all players, including children, regardless of whether they have speaking parts or not.
  • Crowds” = “Townspeople,” “Villagers,” children, and “Citizens of the Marketplace” people.
  • Crew” = Those “non acting” people who deal with makeup, costume, props, sets.
  • Technicians” = Members of the “Crew” who deal with sound, lights, and video.

Week 12

Cast and Crew

After auditions, post the cast list as well as information for the first cast meeting/pot-luck. List what each group should bring; for example, “Townspeople” bring a main dish, etc. Show the full movie of God’s Masterpiece while you eat. Here is a link to that movie:

The front of the program for Click here to view the full production of God’s Masterpiece.

After you watch the movie, talk about the vision, and pray together.

Using this Rehearsal Calendar, construct separate rehearsal calendars for singers, dancers, and musicians. Also construct separate rehearsal calendars for technicians, and other crews, in consultation with the various crew chiefs. Distribute the “all cast” rehearsal calendars to the entire company, and the separate rehearsal calendars other groups as well. Stage the 24 still-life tableaus for “The Prologue” at this first rehearsal, since it requires almost the entire cast to be present.

 NOTE: Make sure children are released before 8:00pm.

Week 11

       All Cast

Stage the three women narrators singing at the opening, “I Love To Tell The Story.”

  • Stage or review the 24 tableaus in “The Prologue.”
  • Stage “Here He Comes,” the premier musical number in God’s Masterpiece.
  • NOTE: Stage both the “Triumphal Entry” and the “Celebration” reprise of “Here He Comes” (performed at the end of the show)
  • Review the entire “Prologue” and “Here He Comes”
  • Stop at Act 1.

 NOTE: Make sure children are released before 8:00pm.

Week 10

Crowds, Pharisees and Scribes

Stage each crowd reaction to the miracles of Jesus and each disgruntled plotting scene for the “Pharisees and Scribes” for the entire show.

NOTE: This is a good time for group leaders to act as “assistant directors” and work on the adlibs and syncopated line delivery so the comments sound spontaneous. Make sure children are released before 8:00pm.

NOTE: Make sure children are released before 8:00pm.

 Week 9

Crowds, Pharisees, Scribes, Jesus, Mary, Martha, Lazarus, John, Andrew, Boy with fish, Children, Adulteress

6:00-7:15         Act 1, Scene 3 “Matthew remembers the adulteress and the children”

7:15-8:15         Act 1, Scene 2 “Andrew remembers the feeding of the five thousand”

The above scenes are first because they involve kids.

8:15-9:15         Act 1, Scene 1 “John remembers the raising of Lazarus.”

9:15-10:00      Act 1, Scene 5 “James remembers the healing of the Demoniac.”

Week 8

Crowds, Pharisees and Scribes, James, Jesus, Demoniac, Peter, Thomas, Nicodemus

6:00-7:30         Act 1, Scene 6 “Peter remembers the miraculous catch of fish.”

7:30-8:45         Act 1, Scene 7 “Thomas remembers Nicodemus.”

8:45-10:00      Act 1, Scene 8 “Judas remembers another agenda.”

NOTE: Make sure children are released before 8:00pm.

Week 7

All Cast in “The Prologue” and “Act I”

6:00-10:00       Run “The Prologue” and Act 1.

NOTE: Make sure children are released before 8:00pm.

Week 6

Narrators, Jesus, Disciples

6:00-7:30      All narrator sequences for the entire show

7:30-10:00   Act 2, Scene 1: “Communion”

                       Act 2, Scene 2: “The Farewell”

                       Act 2, Scene 3: “The Garden of Gethsemane”

Week 5

Narrators, Jesus, Disciples

6:00-7:30    Review Act 2, Scenes 1, 2, 3

                      Soldiers, Pharisees and Scribes, Caiaphas, Malchus

7:30-10:00  Act 2, Scene 4 “The Arrest”

                      Act 2, Scene 5 “The Trial Before the Sanhedrin”

Week 4

Crowds, Narrators, Jesus, Peter, Pharisees and Scribes, Pilate and his court

6:00-7:30   Act 2, Scene 6 “Peter’s Denial”

                     Act 2, Scene 7 “The Remorse of Judas”

                     Act 2, Scene 8 “Jesus Before Pilate”

                     Soldiers, Mary—Mother of Jesus, John

7:30-9:00   Act 3, Scene 1: The whipping and carrying the cross tableaus

                     “The crucifixion”

                     Stage “La Pieta” with Mary and Jesus

9:00-10:00  Review the evening’s work: Act 2, Scenes 6, 7, 8 and Act 3, Scene 1

NOTE: Beginning week 3, you may want to call Saturday rehearsals to piece together the entire production. Try to have technicians ready to go on Saturday of week 3. Technicians have to rehearse with actors because their role is critical.

NOTE: Make sure children are released before 8:00pm.

Week 3

Jesus, Angels at the tomb, Mourners, Narrators, Mary (Lazarus’ sister), Martha, Nicodemus, Mary (mother of Jesus). Angelic Mourners, Disciples who carry the body

6:00-7:00         Act 3, Scene 2 “The burial”

7:00-8:00.        Act 3, Scene 3 “The Disciples Mourn”

8:00-9:00         Act 3, Scene 4 “The Resurrection”

9:00-9:30         Act 3, Scene 5 “The Great Commission”

9:30-10:00       Act 3, Scene 6 “The Ascension”

Saturday of Week 3

All Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Cast, Technicians, and Crew

1:00-2:30         Run Act 1

2:30-4:00         Run Act 2

4:00-5:30         Run Act 3

Week 2

Some Cast and Jesus, All Technicians

Tech Rehearsal: Only a very few representative actors and Jesus to stand in light pools.

This is a very tedious evening, and it is best not to have many cast present, no children!

6:00-10:00   Technical Rehearsal

                        All technicians rehearse all cues and special effects.

Saturday of Week 2

All Cast, Technicians, Crew

Schedule costume pick ups by sub-groups of the cast; everyone does not come at once.

10:00-12:00    Costume distribution & alterations

12:00-1:00       Lunch break

1:00-6:00        All day rehearsal with full tech cues

Week 1

All Cast, Technicians, Crew

6:00-10:00     Dress Rehearsal with costume and tech cues

Saturday of Week 1

All Cast, Technicians, Crew

12:00              Call time for make up and costume

2:00-6:00      Final Dress Rehearsal with photography and video

Opening Night

  • Perform your scheduled shows
  • Allow two hours for make up and costume before each show.
  • Praise God for what He does!

Week After The Performance Closes

  • Set tear-down
  • Cast party pot-luck
  • Watch the video
  • Give out souvenir videos and cast and crew gifts